Free TUX

Refer your friends to Get Your Prom Tux for FREE!

  1. 1. Fill out the form below and when you submit the form, we will assign you a prom rep number. Your prom rep number is how we will track your referrals!
  2. 2. We will send you an email with your prom rep number. You can forward this email to your friends so they can start using your prom rep number and saving on their rentals.
  3. 3. Stop in to your preferred store to place your order for prom and get more coupons.
    Then you can hand the coupons out, post your prom rep number on social media or do anything else to refer your friends in with your number.
  4. 4. Send in 5 referrals and get a FREE Tux for prom, send in more referrals to earn bigger prizes! (Different redemption requirements for our Buffalo, NY location)

If you have been given your Rep ID, enter it here. If you have not, we will create one for you.
If you have forgotten your Rep ID, please contact the store where you signed up.