Signature Satin Vest by Jean Yves


The Signature Satin vest by Jean Yves will be your go to option for all your special occasions. This take on the classic satin vest is fit for the modern man, featuring a slim and sleek fit that is flattering and the definition of true style. Jean Yves understands that variety in the spice of life, and thus offers this one of a kind vest in colors including azalea pink, terra cotta, yellow, honeydew green, coral, teal, clover, and so many more.

The sheen of this top quality satin vet is sure to catch the eye and envy of those around you, whether you’re standing up at the alter on your big day, or simply attending a formal gala in which you want to leave a lasting impression. The solid pattern of the Signature Satin by Jean Yves is a simple option for the man who understands that you make just as much of a statement without being flashing.

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